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Mortgage Fixers is a group of licensed Real Estate Professionals, Attorney’s, Mortgage and Banking professionals that have turned their real estate and mortgage expertise to Loss Mitigation, Real Property Analytics and Mortgage Workouts.


We are the leading California based Loss Mitigation firm, and have been since 1994. We have assisted Commercial Banks, Mortgage Banks, Private Lenders and Real Property Owners in the intricate business of Mortgage Restructuring, Short Sale, Discounted Payoffs and many other aspects of the mitigated loss process.


Our network includes seasoned Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Asset Managers, Housing Counselors, Real Estate Lawyers and Loss Mitigation Representatives who know what it takes to help you fix your mortgage challenges.


Mortgage Fixers has created a personable model and systems for working hand-in-hand with Property Owners and the Asset Management Departments of the Lenders/Servicers, to hone a path into restructured or resolved Real Estate Debt.

Why People Choose Us

It's Simple; We Know What We're Doing!

We will handle all processing and communication. We advocate on your behalf with the Lender, Servicer, Note Holder or Purchaser; so that you can concentrate on keeping yourself established financially, having regained your since of normalcy. We guarantee accountability, superior customer service and integrity by becoming your #1 service provider at this juncture of your economic life.

What We See

Are financially whole customers whom we have helped to strengthen by having lead them into a transformation about how they think about a mortgage, a transformations in how Banks think and deal with society.This transformation lies in the way we all organize our individual lives and carry out vital life fulfilling tasks,  so we all succeed financially.

What We Know

Is the first part of the word MORTGAGE is “MORT”, as in Mortify or to put to death”; therefore we understand that a Mortgage can be a DEATH GRIP, if you don’t have the right Mortgage Program or Mortgage Product specifically for you. We know you’ve made a financial commitment, so allow our seasoned advisors to lead, guide and direct you into the Loss Mitigation Option that’s right for you; so that you can live peacefully and progress in wholeness.

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Our goal is for you to advocate our business by referring us to those in your “inner circle”. Your friends; family members; co-workers and those at your spiritual center. All of those whom you would like us to serve, as we’ve served you.

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