Do You Need a Mortgage Fixed!

Mortgage Fixers is a group of Licensed Real Estate, Mortgage and Banking professionals that have turned their mortgage expertise to Loss Mitigation, Seller Financing, Probate, Mortgage Note Purchasing, Real Property Analytics and Mortgage Debt Structuring. We diligently negotiate with the Loss Mitigation and Asset Management departments of Mortgage Lenders and Servicers to advocate for Mortgage Restructures, Short Sales, Short Refinances, and Short/Discounted Payoffs for real property owners.

Our Mission

To demystify the mortgage creation and debt resolution process; making clearer and easier to understand and mitigate any loss in the Real Estate and Mortgage Market  in America, so that we never have to live through another American Nightmare.

Our System

We have worked unceasingly creating our model and learning the systems the Asset Management Departments and Servicers of the investors, while having  honed our own path into structured obligations in a makes sense manner to be economically reasonable for the Mortgage Lenders, Property Sellers, Investor and Noteholders.

Our Strategy

Based on our clients targeted goal and desired outcome we identify the best product or services to help them achieve their goal. We outline any strengths, weaknesses, monitor opportunities and threats, and presents clear tactics to handle each.

Why We're A Great Fit

and what you can expect from us no matter what service you choose


Our Knowledge and social circles allow us to stay up to date with what is fuling the marketplace .


Do one thing and do it well is what we believe in. We never guess outcomes in the market we create them .


Our energy and enthusiasm is evident in everything. We know that you will experience it also when you’re around.


Mortgage Fixers is a group of licensed Real Estate, Mortgage and Banking professionals here to help you.


We make it possible to feel good about your current situation and help to maintain a positive outlook.


You can tell by our lack of complaints in the industry that we do not get involved with questionable practices.


We have years in the marketplace and possess or can retain the most knowledgeable people as needed.


No one can close to us and our services. We take our time to make sure we get the results you need.