Securitization – real property mortgage loans, packaged, bundled and sold to investors. This could have happen months after your loan closed or immediately after; the relationship in most cases was already established. As a common practice most Mortgages (the Promissory Notes), especially Non-Conforming Mortgages (a mortgage that was not sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) were sold in bundles, or Pools. Mortgage Pools of Loans ( Promissory Notes) were sold and placed into SPV’s – (Special Purpose Vehicles) or REMICs (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits) and shares of those Promissory Notes were then sold to investors, as Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates or Asset-Backed Certificates.

Finding out what happened to your Mortgage Deed or Trust Deed, but more importantly, who is the True Beneficiary, the Holder of your Promissory Note, where it went and into which investment vehicle it landed, is important to know and will help with negotiating a Workout of your Home Loan.


If you need to obtain documented proof on the “holder in due course” of your client’s Promissory Note and its securitization history, our Mortgage and Investment Pool Securitization Legal Discovery will provide you the most comprehensively documented litigation discovery available.


To use these findings to protect your home from the Foreclosure Sale, you will need to retain an ATTORNEY. A Pro Per Lawsuit (representing yourself) will not work, you will not be capable of defending yourself in court. If you are not willing or able to retain an Attorney our Legal Discovery will be of no able use to you; therefore to pay for our services will not be a good use of your money.


$5,500.00 • Legal Discovery Analysis (Series III includes Standard Research in Court Declaratory Form for Submission to Courts, One Expert Witness Court Appearance)
$3,500.00 • Legal Discovery Analysis (Series II Standard Research in Court Declaratory Form for Submission to Courts )
$2,500.00 • Declaration for submission to Courts
$1,000.00 • VOD-POC – Validation of Debt-Proof of Claim of Power of Sale Dispute Letter
$575.00 Per Hour • Expert Witness Court Appearance – There is a Six hour minimum for First Appearance. We will not appear as Expert Witness on cases in which we have not participated in the legal discovery process, unless we can confirm such legal discovery and it’s sources; which confirmation will incur a “Confirmation Fee”.