Do you want LUMP SUM CASH TODAY from your Note?

Instead of the small payments you are now receiving Mortgage Fixers® invests in notes nationwide and will purchase your First Position Lien promissory note, Seller Carryback or Land Contract, for CASH at top Market Value. If you now have a better use for the Note you hold and want to sell your Note for a lump sum of CASH, we will purchase your Note at Market Value and price it quickly.

Our staff will expertly assist you with all steps of the sales process. Our contracts are easy to understand and we do not lock you in with cancellation penalties in cases where necessary purchase price adjustments are determined due to information that is discovered after contract signing. And we deliver cash at closing in as little 5 business days after all documentation is in order. At Mortgage Fixers® we evaluate, create and purchase Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in Notes every year and will value and purchase your Note at the maximum possible price.

At Mortgage Fixers®, among the other services we provide; we are Note Value and Investment professionals and will always give you accurate information at every step of the process. We believe in the beatification to the business relationships.

1. We pay full Market Value for all Notes we buy.
2. You receive The Full Contract Purchase Price of your Note.
3. We don’t charge any Up-Front Fees or Closing Costs.

At Mortgage Fixers®, you can have confidence in best market pricing available. Generally, we beat any bona fide Commitment to Purchase that you bring to us, which is in writing. Don’t sign a Contract To Sell your Note until you talk to us! Our forms and contracts are easy to understand, no bell and whistles. We don’t tie you down or lock you in, into anything. During our years in business, there have been instances when a purchase price adjustment is necessary due to information was not discovered by us until after the contract has been signed. In cases like that, we don’t even lock you in with cancellation penalties or fees, to sell or not to sell is up to you.

You will always receive knowledgeable, fast, and courteous, service. Because it’s our job to provide you with clear, concise and full information at every step of the process, be it negative or positive. We make sure to alert you to the important variables and details that can affect the Market Value of your Note before we even get started, this from the very beginning.

It’s Simple. WE Know What We Are Doing!

At Mortgage Fixers® we are the #1 GO-TO firm of professionals. Don’t be misled by claims of others who will give high quotes immediate on minimal information, no due diligence, no fact finding and who make perfect assumptions; promising a fast purchase only to do a bait-and-switch, dropping the price and having long delays.